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Are you suffering from tooth pain that just won’t go away? Whether it is constant pain, occasional throbbing, or simply on-and-off sensitivity, the cause of your discomfort might be linked to an underlying problem. While the most important thing to do when experiencing dental pain is to visit to see your dentist and start treatment that will relieve pain, it’s important to understand what can potentially cause such sharp pain. 


Tooth decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common reasons for teeth to start hurting and is caused by bacteria that grow and feed on dental enamel due to a diet rich in sugar and poor dental hygiene.

An infected tooth has bacteria attacking the dental pulp, which contains sensitive nerves and blood vessels, causing severe pain. 


Gum disease

When bacteria are allowed to grow unchecked on our teeth, it can cause plaque buildup. This hardens into tartar and initiates the infection of gum tissue, known as gingivitis. If not managed correctly, this could lead to periodontitis – one of the more serious dental problems that require urgent dental treatment.

Diseased gum tissue can also lead to receding gums which in turn can lead to complex dental issues and make the pain worse. 



Non-traumatic tooth loss

Tooth loss can come as a result of aging, periodontal disease, trauma, jaw bone deterioration, or certain medical conditions. This presents an uncomfortable situation where nerve endings and blood vessels are exposed to the typical irritants found in everyday consumption, such as hot/cold food items or air itself – causing immense oral pain. 


Accident or trauma

Traumatic events, such as an accident or impact from a blunt object to the face, can lead to either a broken tooth or a cracked tooth which causes intense pain that requires professional medical attention. 


Dental impaction

Wisdom teeth, which are the third set of molars in your jaw, are the last to erupt and can create immense pain if they are impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth is one which is growing sideways into adjacent teeth or has erupted partially. Impacted wisdom teeth not only push properly erupted teeth out of alignment, they can cause immense pain, and the only solution to this type of tooth pain is wisdom teeth removal. .


Tooth sensitivity

Habitual teeth grinding or bruxism can cause enamel erosion and expose the delicate pulp to irritants such as hot or cold temperatures and even air, causing pain and discomfort whenever your teeth are exposed to these triggers. 


Referred pain

Referred pain is a phenomenon where individuals feel pain in one place even though its origin is elsewhere. It is possible that pain felt in the upper teeth is actually a headache while pain in the lower teeth could actually be an earache, or you could feel pain in your teeth from muscles around the jawline or even cardiac conditions. 


sharp pain teeth west rydeSinus infection

Sinus infections can also cause toothache-like discomfort.

The inflammation of tissue within the sinus cavity – typically due to bacteria or viruses but sometimes caused by allergens – places pressure on teeth that are near it in proximity and results in dental pain. 


Displaced fillings

Dental fillings and crowns may become displaced due to saliva that gradually wears away their bond over time or from consuming hard or sticky foods. Displacement of previous dentistry treatments can cause immense dental pain that needs immediate attention. 


Are you suffering from a toothache?

If you are suffering from tooth pain, it’s important to consult with your dentist so that an accurate diagnosis can be reached and proper treatment is initiated.

At My Local Dentists West Ryde, we have vast experience in providing emergency care to patients suffering from toothache. Whether you require a certain fluoride toothpaste to reduce dental sensitivity or something complex like oral surgery for wisdom tooth extraction, our highly-skilled, top-rated dentists know exactly how to provide long-lasting relief from dental pain.

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Remember, taking proper care of your teeth with brushing, flossing, the right diet choices, and visiting our My Local Dentists West Ryde regularly are all important parts of maintaining healthy teeth!






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