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Teeth Whitening West Ryde

Teeth Whitening | Dentist West RydeTeeth can become stained and discoloured for countless reasons – some foods, medications, trauma and aging can cause teeth to dull and lose their whiteness, leaving patients embarrassed and self-conscious about their smile.

Once you have had your routine dental clean, if you are still unhappy with the colour of your teeth, we can whiten your teeth using professional whitening systems.

At My Local Dentists West Ryde, we offer our patients two different types of whitening systems: take-home whitening kits and in-chair bleaching.

Take Home Whitening

Take home whitening involves us taking impressions (moulds) of your teeth so we are able to construct custom made trays for you, at home you apply the whitening gel to the trays every day for a couple of weeks (depending on the severity of your discoloration), and you’ll begin notice your teeth becoming brighter

We will provide you with a whitening kit and instructions on how to keep your teeth whiter and brighter in the future.

Advantages of Take-Home Whitening Kits

  • You can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home
  • Less expensive and cheaper than other in-office whitening and cosmetic procedures
  • The custom whitening trays fit comfortably over your teeth
  • The whitening trays are reusable, so you can whiten your teeth multiple times using the same trays
  • The process is pain-free and minimally aggressive
  • The whitening results can last for several months

In chair (Philips Zoom! Whitening)

In chair whitening is highly recommended for busy patients, who wish to have instantly white teeth. ZOOM! Phillips Whitening lightens and brightens the colour of the teeth using hydrogen peroxide gel and an ultraviolet lamp.

Zoom in-chair whitening is safe and effective, clinically proven to whiten your dull smile up to eight shades! On the other hand, teeth whitening procedure cannot be used to whiten dentures, veneers, crowns and bridges or any other tooth restoration materials.

Advantages of In-chair Teeth Whitening

  • The procedure can be completed in less than an hour
  • Modern in-office teeth whitening procedures, such as Zoom, doesn’t cause the damaging effects of the teeth whitening techniques of the past
  • In-office dental whitening is administered by your West Ryde dentist; thus, the procedure is safer and reliable.
  • Ideal for busy patients
  • The results are instant and long-lasting

Teeth Whitening in West Ryde

Before any whitening treatment commences, we highly recommend a thorough check-up and clean to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy enough to withstand the whitening process.

The scale and clean will remove any surface stains and calculus, crucial for a more effective whitening result.

If you want to achieve a brilliant, white smile, visit My Local Dentists West Ryde today to book your Teeth Whitening Consultation.

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