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Tooth Fillings West Ryde

Tooth Fillings | Dentist West Ryde It is extremely important to fill cavities as soon as you feel them or see them appear on your teeth. Don’t wait for the decay to eat your teeth and affect your smile! Tooth filling, both a preventative and restorative treatment, is a perfect solution for cavities.

Tooth filling is another way to enhance the appearance of your teeth, and at the same time protect them from further damage. Today, it is the simplest and most commonly used procedure for restoring damaged teeth. Fillings are used to replace a decayed part of a tooth caused by decay or trauma.

At My Local Dentists West Ryde, we use tooth-coloured fillings to repair and replace old, unsightly fillings. Modern composite fillings are now even more durably constructed and natural looking, so they can endure wear and tear over time. Thus, most patients choose composite fillings over silver amalgam.

The Procedure

Tooth filling is a quick, painless, and straightforward procedure. It can be completed in one appointment. The dentist will remove the decay, prepare the tooth for the procedure, and condition the enamel.

If the decay is near the nerves of the tooth, the dentist may need to apply a special medication around the affected tooth. After this, the dentist will precisely apply, mould, and polish the filling to restore the original shape and appearance of your tooth.

Keep in mind that sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures is a normal effect after the filling procedure. This sensitivity will gradually subside once the treated tooth acclimates to the new filling. Before you leave the office, the dentist will provide home care instructions on how to take care of your teeth.

You can help your fillings last for a long time by maintaining good dental care at home, receiving professional care from your West Ryde dentist, and a healthy lifestyle and diet.

The Benefits of Composite Fillings

  • Filling your teeth requires minimal tooth preparation
  • It is a conservative and less invasive dental procedure
  • Offers quick and long lasting results
  • Helps prevents further breakage and damage
  • Bonds and supports the remaining structure of your tooth
  • Provides natural tooth appearance
  • Insulates the treated tooth from extreme temperature changes

Tooth Fillings in West Ryde

If you want to replace your old fillings or simply want your tooth decay to be treated, visit your dental care partners at My Local Dentists West Ryde.

We offer white fillings made from high-quality and durable materials. Tooth filling is a practical procedure that protects and enhances your smile.

Tooth Fillings in West Ryde

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