Top 5 Oral Hygiene Gift Ideas for Holidays from My Local Dentists West Ryde

by | Dec 8, 2023 | Oral Hygiene, Oral Hygiene Gift

top 5 oral hygiene gift ideas for holidays from west ryde dental clinic

When we think of the holidays season, quite a few things come to mind. Wonderful memories about family and friends, and it is the fun part of the year.

But the festive period is incomplete without the exchange of gifts to those we care about most. That’s also when the confusing question comes up: What gift should I give?

Especially when you are considering the oral health of the people around you.

Oral health is a vital component in overall, general health, which makes dental health products very important for gift-giving.

Anything that enhances dental and oral health will dependably positively affect life.

We have all heard how the upgrades in dental hygiene have expanded life span for individuals.

Who can ever overlook the statistics that say daily flossing can increase someone’s life by 6.4 years?

With that in mind, here are oral hygiene gift ideas from My Local Dentists West Ryde to help you pick the right gift either for yourself or your loved ones.

#1. An electric toothbrush

Basically, battery-powered electric toothbrushes (or “power” toothbrushes) give better plaque removal than standard manual toothbrushes.

More so, many people have discovered that using power toothbrushes is easy than utilising ordinary manual ones.

Furthermore, with such a significant number of various kinds and features accessible, it’s easy to discover one that suits your particular oral health needs.

More importantly, we suggest you include a few replacement heads.

#2. Water Pik or electric flosser

Nothing displays love like an electric flosser.

We say that because brushing alone can’t give clean teeth and fresh breath.

Flossing is important to achieve this because it helps to remove hard to reach particles and plaque build-up which can cause bad breath, yellowing of teeth and tartar build-up.

Another great gift for children, friends, families this holiday season.

#3. Snore guard

This might be a little prickly one, might even be considered a gift for yourself instead of your loved ones.

On the off chance that you know anyone that battles the snoring issue, a guard might be one thing that gets them more rest and less aggravation and makes everyone around them happy.

Should you need any recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact us at My Local Dentists West Ryde for consultation.

#4. Whitening strips

One of the best things you can do for any of your loved ones who you might have caught doing the “tissue test” to see where their teeth fall on the whiteness scale, is to get them whitening strips this holiday season.

They will always appreciate and cherish you every time they show off those pearly whites.

#5. Sugarless Gum

According to a study, chewing sugar-free gum for 10 minutes could help remove up to 100 million bacterias from the mouth.

Various clinical studies have also shown that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after meals can help prevent tooth decay.

This just showed how important sugarless gum is important to oral health. More so, chewing gum is an easy and effective way to increase saliva flow and remove bacterias from the mouth.

So next time when you go to the grocery store don’t forget to pick up that sugarless gum for you and your loved ones.

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