how long does it take to get dentures west ryde
One of the many questions we receive from people missing teeth or facing tooth extraction is how long does it take to get dentures?

It’s hard to give an exact answer because it depends on the type of dentures a person needs and the condition of their mouth, teeth and gums. Every person’s situation is different, so the timeframe will vary from one person to another. 

Typically, getting dentures can take several weeks or a few months from start to finish. The duration will be affected by how busy their schedule is and their ability to fit in consultations and follow-ups. 

We can tell you with certainty that all dentures require numerous visits from the start of the process to the finish. You will have to factor in time for consultations, tooth extraction (where necessary), impression taking, a pre-fit and final adjustments. 



So, how long does it take to get dentures?

We’ll walk you through the various stages for making dentures, and hopefully, this will give you a better idea of the time to allow for getting dentures


The consultation 

During this appointment, our dentist will discuss with you your teeth replacement needs. You can expect an inspection of your mouth, teeth, and gums, enabling our dentist to make the best recommendations based on your dental needs and budget. 

This stage of getting dentures can involve multiple appointments to the dentist to take x-rays and carry out a thorough evaluation. 


Tooth extraction

If you have any teeth that need removing, our dentist will need to extract them before proceeding further. You may also receive an immediate denture following extraction if you are deemed suitable for this treatment. 

Immediate dentures are prepared before tooth extraction, so they’re ready to be installed once the extraction is over. 


Taking impressions

To design and build your new custom denture, the dentist takes impressions of your mouth, teeth and gums, often using a digital scanner. Individual images are critical to achieving the perfect fit. 

If you underwent tooth extraction before this stage of getting dentures, the dentist would wait for your gums to heal fully before taking impressions. Healing can take between 6 and 8 weeks.  

dentures step by step procedure west rydeWe then send the impressions to our dental lab to start building your denture. This stage often extends over several weeks and may involve the individual getting bite moulds and trying wax models to ensure a comfortable fit. 

Once we have a final version of your permanent dentures to hand, we’ll get you back to the clinic for fitting. The dentist will perform any tweaks or adjustments there and then ensure maximum comfort and functionality. 


How long does it take to get dentures after tooth extraction?

If you’re having teeth removed and are a candidate for immediate dentures, they will be fitted the same day as your tooth extraction (with impressions taken by the dentist beforehand).

We offer immediate dentures to patients, so they don’t have to be without teeth. Patients can wear and use these devices until their gums have fully healed and they can get their permanent dentures. 


Adjusting to your new dentures

It may take a few weeks for your mouth to adjust to dentures. You may experience difficulty speaking and eating, and your mouth may feel sore. Don’t worry. This is perfectly normal. If you have been wearing immediate dentures, likely, your mouth will already have started getting used to the sensation of wearing them. If discomfort persists, it’s best to visit your dentist for further adjustments.


Need more information about getting dentures?

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