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One of the questions we’re regularly asked as Invisalign dentists is, “How long does Invisalign take to straighten teeth?” The short answer is somewhere between 6-18 months. But before we dive into the ins and outs of treatment length, let’s take a look at why millions of people choose Invisalign clear aligners every year? 


Why choose Invisalign?

Fortunately, the days when people with crooked teeth had to endure years of wearing fixed metal braces to straighten teeth have long gone. 

Nowadays, many adults and teens opt for clear plastic aligners, such as Invisalign. 

Invisalign aligners are a popular orthodontic treatment for those wishing to straighten crooked teeth without the discomfort of harsh metal wires and brackets, the concern of sporting a fixed appliance 24/7 and the inconvenience of countless trips to the dentist. 


So, how long does Invisalign take?

If you’re one of the 62% of Aussies adults who would like to fix their crooked smiles, you probably fall into one of the categories below:

  • You never had orthodontic treatment as a child 
  • You did wear a brace but didn’t wear a retainer for long enough, and your teeth shifted back into their original position

In either case, Invisalign aligners can help to straighten teeth. The good news is that it doesn’t take as long as you think. 

The average treatment time is twelve months, although some treatments may take as little as six months, while others can take up to two years, depending upon the complexity of their oral condition. Many patients start to see results in just a few weeks. 


Factors that affect treatment time with Invisalign Aligners

reasons how long does invisalign take west rydeEvery person is different, and their teeth are as unique as their fingerprint. As such, it’s hard to say precisely how long an individual treatment should last. The good news is that when you opt for Invisalign aligners, dentists use 3D computer technology to plot  how a smile will look and how long it will take to achieve. 

In other words, you get to see how your smile will look before you begin orthodontic treatment.  

Where minor cosmetic alignments are achieved in six months or less, more complex cases such as over and underbites may take eighteen months or more to straighten teeth. Either way, your dentist will always include a treatment timescale within your treatment plan. 


Here are some other reasons that can affect how long Invisalign takes


Teeth crowding

If teeth are large or your jaw is on the small side, you may have teeth overcrowding issues. Invisalign can fix minor cases of tooth crowding in as little as six months, whereas moderate crowding can take twelve months or more to repair. 


Tooth gaps 

Toth gaps occur due to tissue overgrowth or teeth which are too small for a patient’s jaw. Similar to tooth crowding, Invisalign can correct minor gaps faster than more significant gaps. 

A combination of gapped teeth and over-crowding may result in orthodontic treatment that takes up to eighteen months.  


Patient age 

Age also determines how long Invisalign takes. Because teenagers are still growing, their teeth tend to move more quickly than those of adults. 



Even if you only need minimal tooth correction, failing to wear your aligners for the allotted time can significantly lengthen the duration of your treatment. 

For the best results, a patient should wear their Invisalign aligners for 22 hours a day. 


How do I know if Invisalign is right for me?

The best way to know if Invisalign is a suitable treatment for you is to visit an Invisalign provider such as My Local Dentists West Ryde. We will answer any questions you may have about orthodontic treatment and give you a more accurate answer to the question, “how long does Invisalign take to straighten teeth?” 

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