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If you’re not keen on dental implants, what is a possible alternative to dental implant treatment?

Dental implants are the modern treatment option when it comes to missing teeth. In fact, in Australia, implant dentistry is a fast-expanding market. However, some people shy away from the idea of having dental implants, while others are not good candidates for dental implant treatment. This article discusses the alternatives to a dental implant to complete your smile!


When are dental implants not an option?

Dental implant treatment involves meticulous treatment planning. Through this, your dentist can determine if dental implants are suitable for your condition and if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Those who are avid smokers or immunocompromised are not recommended for dental implants. These factors impede the healing of the surgery site and will ultimately cause more harm than good. Also, those with poor jawbone health that a bone graft can’t improve are not suitable candidates for dental implant treatment. 

And even if you don’t fall into any of these categories, maybe the idea of getting surgery for teeth replacement doesn’t sit well with you.

So what do you do in these scenarios? Well, you’re in luck because all the information you need about the possible alternatives to dental implant treatment is right here!



Alternative to dental implant treatment

Fortunately, there are several alternatives to dental implant treatment, including:


  • Fixed Dental Bridge

A fixed dental bridge is an excellent alternative to dental implants when you have one or two missing teeth. It is secured in the mouth, giving you peace of mind that it will not move or come off. However, instead of using your jawbone as the foundation of the teeth replacement as dental implants do, a fixed dental bridge utilises the teeth nearest the teeth gaps.

The adjacent teeth are used as an “abutment” for the dental bridge and will be reshaped by the dentist to accommodate the dental crowns used to secure the device in place. The bridge containing one or more dental crowns is suspended between the abutment teeth to close the gap and make the smile whole once more. It’s an excellent dental implant alternative for those who don’t want to undergo surgery!


  • Removable partial dentures

Another alternative to dental implants is a removable partial denture. This is a good option for those with several missing teeth spread across their jaw. There is no need to go through the hassle and expense of getting multiple dental implants! Instead, your dentist will make a removable customised partial denture that fills all the spaces left by missing teeth.

Modern partial dentures are skillfully designed and colour matched to blend seamlessly with surrounding teeth to create a natural-looking smile! The only downside is that partial dentures need regular replacement, unlike dental implants that can potentially last a patient’s lifetime. In fact, research shows that around 39% of patients no longer use their dentures after five years because of factors such as sociodemographics, aesthetics, and pain.


  • Full dentures

Check, if you are missing all of your teeth from one or both jaws or about to have them extracted, you might want to consider a full (complete) denture. Full dentures are made with lightweight materials and with a comfortable fit so you can confidently smile, speak, and eat with them. They are also designed to complement your facial features for a natural-looking white smile and improved confidence.

However, full dentures do not stimulate the jawbone like dental implants. Instead, they exacerbate bone loss by pressing on the bony ridge. Subsequently, your jaw will continue to shrink as you age, causing your dentures to loosen. Dentures can only be relined and adjusted a few times before they need eventual replacement – usually around the five-year mark.


Smile with confidence today!

Whether you prefer to have a dental implant or another alternative to dental implant treatment that we have laid out for you, My Local Dentists West Ryde can help you out! Our team of experienced dentists will always consider your preferences and lifestyle to determine the best solution to your missing teeth! Contact us today at (02) 9809 7000



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.




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