The new year is almost here and it always brings with it the opportunity to turn a new page.

A new beginning (after the hustle and bustle of Christmas) that brings hope and excitement for the future.

Setting out new goals for the year is a great way to inspire yourself to make positive changes in your life. Changes that will make you a better and healthier person the next year.

It is quite understandable that a lot of people’s New Year’s resolutions is getting healthy and into top physical shape. However, most don’t think about making a resolution to better their dental health.

Poor dental hygiene not only results in tooth decay and gum disease, but you may also be paying the consequences with fillings, crowns and periodontal treatment and a negative effect on your general wellness.

Resolving to care for your dental health helps your body be healthy, strong and in great shape.

Here is a list from your West Ryde dentist to help heroes like you making resolutions that will help you to take better care of your teeth and gums.

Floss every day

It is just shocking that a lot of people don’t floss every day. Despite the fact that they are aware of the need for incorporating flossing in their oral hygiene daily activities, many aren’t sufficiently tolerant to set aside time to floss.

Brushing one’s teeth, even the most intensive brushing, isn’t substitute for flossing. Floss can penetrate down among teeth and just underneath the gum line; things that a toothbrush can’t do.

Flossing once per day, ideally around evening time before going to bed, can significantly diminish the measure of cavity and gum ailment causing plaque and tartar to develop.

Improve your diet

The holidays are infamous for being loaded with candy, cakes, cookies, sticky, carb-loaded foods and drinks. All of which add to your waistline and can also wreak havoc on your dental health as well as your overall health.

The sugars in these foods are high in calories and cause a cavity-causing film to develop over teeth. If not properly taken care off, it can lead to severe tooth decay and tooth loss can occur over time.

Your tooth doesn’t need sugar instead it needs minerals, vitamins and calcium, to be healthy and strong. More so, diets that are rich in protein are also good for oral health.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist

You’ve must have been told that it is important to visit the dentist twice a year for a dental check-up. But a lot of people don’t always schedule an appointment with their dentist which is bad.

While these visits may not seem like a big deal, they are mostly the only time the dentist can detect possible or developing oral health issues that you may not be cognisant of. Like every medical management, early intervention is less costly, less time wasting and more effective and efficient than treatment.

The beginning of the new year is a great time to come and schedule an appointment with My Local Dentists West Ryde.

You’ll kick start the year with clean, healthy teeth and be prepared to take positive steps in keeping your healthy teeth and gums and your lovely smile.

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